A unique DEMO ONLY format event focussed 100% on eSecurity

"People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint"
                                                                                                           Steve Jobs (ESD) is an organisation that provides ground-breaking, imaginative and educational conferences about the latest trends, advances and innovations in e-Security in a modern, fast paced and energetic format.

We achieve this by bringing together leading vendors in the eSecurity arena for an informative 1 day event where every vendor is given equal exposure and opportunity to demonstrate their latest technology. Attendees will learn through every vendor’s concise demonstration about future developments in the market and how they help organisations create robust, flexible and resilient eSecurity strategies.

Sign-up today to see the very latest eSecurity innovation in action at eSecurityDen 2017 in Dubai!

Meet the latest eSecurity Innovators

New and innovative eSecurity solutions are being constantly developed and released as requirements and threats change and evolve. Our event provides a fantastic opportunity for both Solutions Providers and delegates alike to see up to 40 of the latest and leading eSecurity offerings in a modern, fast paced and informative conference format.

Learn About New eSecurity Challenges

With threats evolving and increasing constantly, organisations need to understand how they occur and how to defend themselves. Our event provides a great platform for the newest and leading innovators in this space to educate the audience about their understanding of these challenges and how they manage and mitigate against them.

Up to 45 Vendors. Unique 7 Minute Demo-Only Format Event

Each vendor is given just 7 minutes on stage to concisely demonstrate the compelling feature or solution they offer. This format ensures they are exactly on-message and allows delegates to understand in a concise way, the challenges they solve. Unlike other events it also allows the delegates to see many more Solution Providers in 1 day saving time and money.