About Us (ESD) is an organisation that provides ground-breaking, imaginative and informative conferences concerning the latest trends, advances and innovations in e-Security in a modern, fast paced and energetic format.

We achieve this by bringing together leading and energing vendors in the e-Security arena for an informative 1 day event where every vendor is given equal exposure and opportunity to demonstrate their latest technology.

Attendees will learn through every vendor's concise demonstration about future developments in the market and how they help organisations create robust, flexible and resilient e-Security strategies. This format saves time and money for attendees as they will experience the compelling aspects each vendor offers in their chosen field in a short period of time reducing the requirement to shop around.

We are one of the few event organisers that focus on this specific market in this contemporary and distinct conference and networking format and unlike other companies in this space, our conferences are not vertically aligned so can cater for any organisation that may have eSecurity concerns or requirements.

What Makes Us Different

Format. Having been in the e-Security solution provider industry for over 15 years ourselves, we understand that audiences want to see and learn the most compelling aspects that a Solution Provider offers through short focussed demonstrations rather than long presentations. Marry that with informative and absorbing networking opportunities and we truly believe delegates will gain the most from the event. Bigger trade shows do not cater for this type of format.

Innovation. With threats evolving and increasing constantly, organisations need to understand how they occur and how to defend themselves. We provide a fantastic opportunity for the newest and leading innovators in this space to inform the audiences of their understanding of these threats and how they manage and mitigate against them.

Equal exposure. Events and Conferences often provide the best opportunities to the Solution Provider with the biggest marketing budgets who receive prime exposure and the longest presentation time. We provide equal exposure to every Solution Provider meaning the delegates can focus on the technology and information they showcase and the compelling reasons to consider them to meet their requirements. ESD is a single-track event so every vendor will be seen by all delegates.