How eSecurityDen 2017 will empower CIO’s, CTOs and CISOs to find REAL eSecurity solutions that help in a unique and compelling new approach.

Let us talk numbers first.

PwC’s US Security Leader Gary Loveland and Security Principal Mark Lobel reveal how company leaders can protect—and strengthen—the business with the right approach to information security.

Their survey reveals that just 43 percent of respondents self-identified themselves as Front-runners; that is, those who felt they have an effective information security strategy in place and are proactive in executing the plan. Those who saw themselves as Strategists (27 percent) felt they have the big picture right but fall down on execution, while Tacticians (15 percent) said they are better at getting things done than in defining a broader strategy. Finally, the Firefighters (14 percent globally but 22 percent in the US) admitted to lacking a strategy and to being reactive regarding information sec

In today’s global, digital world, information rules. Safeguarding intellectual property, financial information, customer data and your company’s reputation are a crucial part of business strategy. Yet with the number of threats and the sophistication of attacks increasing almost beyond measure, it’s a formidable challenge. Keeping updated with the latest threats and finding what is right for you in the huge and crowded cyber landscape often stops a CIO and their team from being pro-active and defining a cyber strategy.

To help organisations in the fight against escalating cyber security threats in the region, eSecurityDen 2017, the first-ever demonstration-only format conference on cyber security in the Middle East, will be held in Dubai on February 28th, 2017.

Based on the theme “Innovate, Educate, Demonstrate,” the event will introduce the significant innovations in the eSecurity/cyber security in a new modern format and educate them on the latest threats that entities from different industries face.

This one-day conference is made up of a series of seven-minute live demonstrations presented by the latest and newest innovators in the eSecurity market. Unlike traditional conferences, there will be no keynote sessions or parallel conference tracks at the event and each participating company receives the same exposure in terms of space, time, etc., which will encourage the newest innovators to promote themselves on an equal footing with others. Having such a short time to get their message across absolutely ensures they bring their best to the event and highlight exactly how they can help organisations defend themselves while emphasizing their unique value in the eSecurity market. The conference is actively seeking the startups, innovators, and new entries in the eSecurity arena to attend. These are the people who will help you defend against the latest threats but are often unable to attend such conferences due to tighter budgets or the larger companies taking center stage.

“Having been an exhibitor, presenter and delegate at many conferences and events in the eSecurity market over many years from the largest companies to smallest startup, we feel that the current traditional presentation based format could be enhanced for both vendors and delegates to focus on the compelling aspects an organisation offers”.

“In our view and based on feedback from delegates and vendors alike, the most effective way of getting to the core of what a vendor has to offer is via demonstration over presentation. After all, these days, nearly all the marketing information a vendor has is available on their web-site or the internet, so why have delegates spend their valuable time listening to what they can read from numerous existing sources. So this approach breaks the traditional way conferences are set up and gives benefits to both the vendors and the delegates alike.”

“In any business situation, if you only had 7 minutes to present the unique aspects your organisation has to offer, you would be sure to be 100% focussed on what is important and that’s exactly what the delegates at our conference want to see!”

By Jeremy Boorer

Advisory Board member for eSecurityDen and spokesperson for eSecurityDen 2017 , Dubai.